Dutch Flavor Spedition 3 - (original price is 400 euros!!)

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Frame number verified

Frame size

M - 53 cm
Ideal if your height is 166-180 cm




Frame only: 24

About the bike

It's in really good condition and only has a few little rusty spots because of the rainy weather, it has one ring lock and I will also give my chain lock to the buyer. I will provide the original receipt which also includes the 'servicepakket' from MegaBike (is worth 50 euros normally), which will give you 3 years of guarantee for the bike frame. It has both hand brakes and pedal brakes and is also really fast thanks to it's 3 gears (as the name 'Spedition' suggests :)). I have spare keys for the locks in case you lose the main ones. I used it for roughly a couple of months due to Corona not letting us go out, I'm only selling it because I have to move out. (I could not find the frame number but I saw a number engraved into the pedals, in any case, I still have the original reciept.)


small rusty spots, missing part(s): it has a front light included already but the batteries are off and the button to turn on is not really convenient, if you take it the megabike they will probably fix it for you for free.


Double stand
Child seat
Back light
Front gears
Back carrier
Front carrier
Additional lock
Fixed (ring) lock

Frame specifications

Dutch Flavor Spedition 3
Classic Dutch

Other bike specs

Type of brakes
Mom/dad bike
Front gears
Back gears

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