About us

BikeFair is the first easy, fair, and fun to use bike marketplace. No stolen bikes, no scam, just great deals from both bike shops and individuals.

Easy way to buy & sell bikes

Our platform is built with passion for bikes. Our team of experts is ready to provide advice and support through the process of buying, selling, even owning a bike. BikeFair has all you need in one place!

Bikes should mean fun

Cycling is fun. Let’s make bike trading and maintenance fun, too. Need a new ride? Or perhaps additional equipment? Had your bike stolen? Punctured tyre? We’re here to help.

No more bike theft

No stolen bikes on BikeFair, as simple as that. We hate bike theft as much as anyone. That is why we ensure fairness of each bike with several verification steps in the process.

Buying a bike on is as easy as 1–2–3


Find your new or second-hand bike

Search bikes near you, by height or any bike attribute. Any question? Ask it via the yellow button!


Make an appointment with the seller

Pay a deposit to reserve the bike & meet up for a testdrive. Or if you want, get it delivered straight away.


Click to confirm

Happy with the bike? Then confirm to pay the seller. If not, you cancel and the deposit is refunded entirely.
At any point before confirming, you can switch to another bike.

What gets us out of the bed each morning

Bikefair empowers every single person on the planet to trade, own and love a bicycle by removing all physical, psychological, informational and financial barriers. By creating a platform of trust, digitizing cycling, and supporting the community and all industry players, we are striving to make cycling the most accessible, independent, and sustainable way of transportation and a healthy and fun hobby for all.

The team behind BikeFair


Front-end Magician

"Small monitors and bad chairs kill people."


Head Designer

"Let's add a bike path, it'll add emotion."


Marketing Advisor

"I'll bake something."


Customer Support & Ops

"I'm going for a ride."


Back-end Enchanter

"The more tables the better."


Chief Marketer

"We need to communicate clearly!"


Sales Manager

"Sorry, I can't hear you, I'm on the go now."


Co-founder, Chief Developer

"We're launching Monday."


Co-founder, Chief

"Let's put it in a spreadsheet, shall we?"


Marketplace Content Editor

"I'm missing a frame number here."


Marketplace Content Editor

"Zero backlog is life!"


Interested in joining the team? Email us at [email protected]

Our partners

Thanks to this awesome program, we had the chance to make our dreams come true. Thank you.

People at the Drenthe province believed in our vision before anyone else did. We will always keep them in our hearts as the true innovation enablers.

Our soulmate community with incredible drive towards our shared mission - eliminating bike theft all over the world.

A passion-driven non-profit organization sharing our ambition to provide everyone with a bike. Support us? Support them!

We are proudly based in Assen, Drenthe: the cycling province of the Netherlands.

Our offices


s-Gravenhekje 1A
1011 TG Amsterdam
the Netherlands


Chválkovická 92
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic