Buying a bike on BikeFair

a detailed guide


Find the bike you like

Go to Buy a bike and find a bike you like. Use your location, sizing guide and other filters to help you find your special new two-wheeled buddy.


Reserve or buy

1) Choose your new bike

Select the bike you like, and on the page of that bike click on the "Get the bike" or “Reserve bike” button.

2) Does it need any extras?

In case your bike is missing any important equipment

You have a couple of options:

a) You can have the accessories shipped immediately no matter what, or

b) We`ll ship you the extras only after you test the bike and confirm you`re actually taking it. If the bike isn`t for you and you decide to pass on it, we`ll cancel the equipment order, too.

3) Create an account

Log in or create an account and fill in your profile information.

4) Pay the refundable deposit

Pay the deposit for your bike using iDeal or a credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The deposit doesn’t commit you to take the bike. You can always cancel the reservation with a single click later, and BikeFair will refund the full amount. This way scams are prevented, cash handling with strangers (and pocket change) avoided and both sides have assurance the transfer is as promised. Check our guide for more info.

Buy now with delivery

Love the bike as-is? You can also buy it directly with home delivery. If you choose to do that, skip all the following steps - you simply buy the bike directly as-is. You can of course also add any accessories of your liking. We will then set up the delivery with the seller and get the bike right to your doorstep in the exact state in which it is advertised. Additional delivery fee applies.


Set up a test ride with the seller

Reserved the bike to get a test ride and free delivery? Then it's time to set up an appointment with the seller! There are two ways to do this:

a) Via You can access the chat by clicking the chat icon in the main menu, or in the sub-menu of your personal dashboard. Remember that you need to be logged in to access the chat.

b) Via WhatsApp/SMS. Some of the sellers may share their phone number with you. You can find that in your order details page . Feel free to send an SMS or a message via WhatsApp and agree on a time and place to meet. Don`t forget to mention why you`re texting them (they may have not noticed you reserved their bike yet). Politeness also helps!


Meet the seller and try the bike or get it delivered

Each seller has a custom free delivery range setup. Sometimes that will be a very narrow area of where the bike is stores, it may also be the whole country. You can find the free delivery area when you scroll down the page of your selected bike – you will find a .

Does the bike have a small delivery range, but you still need it delivered directly to your home/office? We’re here to help. Click on the button in the chat or on order details page and we will do the rest. Note that you will have to pay €39 for the delivery.


Decide if you want the bike

Love the bike and want to keep it?

Then confirm the handover via the button in your orders tab, and the bike is yours!

Not for you?

Then tap on the reservation on your orders tab, then select “Cancel order”. BikeFair will automatically send you a 100% refund to the account you paid from! The refund is processed automatically and immediately. Note that due to security precautions, it may take ca 2-3 work days for the refund to reach your account.

Not sure how to decide?
Check our guide on how to pick the right bike or visit our FAQ.

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