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We're a bike marketplace where anyone can buy or sell their bike. Pick from 1795 second-hand bikes in Amsterdam. Reserve, try it out & decide — or order directly and get it delivered in 2-3 workdays. Some bikes come with guarantee or free delivery.
Find cheap bikes, e-bikes, citybikes and bikes of any type. You'll find anything from unicycles to tandems. Filter through specific attributes you might be looking for: lights, brakes, gears, frame size and more. Don't forget to fill in your height to see bikes that fit perfectly!

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Filter for your height, location and ideal attributes. We verify the sellers for you, and all bikes are checked for theft and come with a free anti-theft gift.
Test drive
Pay to make a reservation. The money is still yours - after the test ride, you can either confirm the payment, pick a different bike or cancel to refund the entire deposit. With some sellers, you can reserve without deposit. To find them, use the 'pay on location' filter on the search page.
After making a reservation, contact the seller to meet and test the bike. If you're happy, click 'Confirm' in your account and the seller gets paid. Getting the bike delivered? We'll contact you to schedule the drop-off.

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Search bikes near you, by height or any bike attribute. Any question? Ask it via the yellow button!


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Pay a deposit to reserve the bike & meet up for a testdrive. Or if you want, get it delivered straight away.


Click to confirm

Happy with the bike? Then confirm to pay the seller. If not, you cancel and the deposit is refunded entirely.
At any point before confirming, you can switch to another bike.

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