TREK District+ 5 Lowstep, DEEP DARK BLUE

€5507.38 including Buyer Protection

Frame size

M - 55 cm
Ideal if your height is 170-184 cm

E-bike properties

Battery capacity
400 Wh
Maximum range
~94 km
Battery state
Service certification


Brand new


Technical guarantee: 24 months

About the bike

The District+ 5 is a robust, very comfortable city e-bike that has everything you need to whizz smoothly through the city. With the new lowstep frame, the battery is beautifully integrated into the down tube. With a choice of a 545 Wh or 725 Wh battery, you can choose the best option for your commute. The Bosch BES3 smart system drive propels you forward and offers smart connectivity. A durable belt drive requires little maintenance, and the Enviolo AUTOMATIQ hub takes the shifting out of your hands. You love riding around town and want an e-bike that can handle everything you encounter. You want reliability for your commutes and fun for weekend trips. A belt-drive motor appeals to you for its simplicity and extra-long life. You value connectivity and the Bosch smart system shows you all your ride data. You like to keep it simple, and you're very happy with the lowstep frame that makes it easy to get on and off. The Fine of Car A high-quality hydroformed aluminum frame with integrated battery. An air-sprung front fork that smooths out potholes and bad roads. The Gates CDX belt drive with Enviolo Trekking gear hub that shifts automatically. A Bosch BES3 Performance Line smart system drive (250 Wh, 75 Nm) with LED remote control. An Intuvia display that communicates flawlessly with your smartphone and supports up to 25 km/h. Bosch BCM anti-theft feature for added protection. The stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes with four brake pistons. Carriers and lights to make the ride to work more enjoyable. If you want to whiz around town with comfort and robust support, you're in the right place with the District+ 5. The hard-wearing belt drive requires little maintenance and the powerful Bosch Performance smart system drive gives you exactly the support you need in the city. The suspension fork provides quite a bit of extra comfort. With carriers and lighting, the bike is ready to use day and night. - A robust e-bike that meets all requirements for intensive use in the city, during the week and on weekends. The suspension fork and suspension seat post give that extra touch of comfort that makes all the difference. - The new smart system from Bosch gives you powerful support and in combination with the eBike Flow app, you can adjust the bike completely to your needs. - Once you set up the Enviolo AUTOMATIQ, you don't have to look back. All you have to do is enjoy it... - The Gates CDX drive is smooth, quiet, beautiful and requires hardly any maintenance. - Choose the battery capacity that fits your budget and desired riding range for optimal riding pleasure. - Secure your bike when not in use with a Bosch BCM anti-theft feature. A fully integrated digital experience Bosch's smart system connects all the digital elements of your bike via the eBike Flow app. In this way, the display, drive unit, controller and eBike ABS combine to provide a great digital riding experience. What is the range? With the Bosch range calculator you can see how far you can ride with a full battery on your electric bike. We've already entered the variables for this bike model and the average rider, but you can make your own adjustments for the most accurate estimate.
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Front light
Back light
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Frame specifications

District+ 5 Lowstep

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