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BikeFair is the first easy, fair, and fun to use pre-owned bike marketplace. No stolen bikes, no scam, just great deals from both bike shops and individuals.

Easy way to buy and sell second-hand bikes

The idea of BikeFair arose from our personal need to buy a cheap used bike for everyday use in Netherlands. Back then, this was surprisingly hard!

No more bike theft

We are also fed up by the number of bikes we and our friends have already lost to theft. Most of those bikes are then resold on social media and shady marketplaces – only to be stolen again later.

Bikes should mean fun

Cycling is fun. Let’s make bike trading and maintenance fun, too. Need additional equipment? Had your bike stolen? Punctured tyre? We’re here to help. Everything you need, one click away.

That's what we stand for

Designed to prevent trading stolen bikes, BikeFair offers an easy and fun to use alternative to the shady dude trying to sell you an obviously stolen bike on the corner at midnight.

Who's behind this?


Founder, Director
The Visionary Operative


Chief Developer
The Code Wizard

Jan II.

Technical Advisor
The One Who Knows


Marketing Advisor
The Indispensable One


All Round Engine
The Precise One


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Special Thanks

Provincie Drenthe

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

People at the Drenthe province believed in our vision before anyone else did. We will always keep them in our hearts as the true innovation enablers.

Bike Index

Our soulmate community with incredible drive towards our shared mission - eliminating bike theft all over the world.

We are proudly based in Drenthe, the
Netherlands - the cycling capital of the world.